Some News About The Age Of Seniors

Today many people would want to live longer,but it maybe ridiculous for that.You can imagine that you have been 200 years old,you may experience more sadness and sorrow than others,your wife has gone away,your son is no longer live in the world.You May just have the loneliness.

Do you see the news about "At 191 years old, Mama Esifiho may be Nigeria’s oldest woman alive "If you know this,you may want to live so longer to nearly two centuries.In the 200 years,you can do many things,but in fact,we are in the dream.

Her name is Mama Esifiho who has been 191 years old.It is really incredible for the news.he lived for nearly two centuries.Many rich men and women want to live longer in the world.Some people sure that this is a false age,but she has been certified for the truth.But the relevant departments confirmed that his age is true. But for humans,this is a miracle actually.Look at his demeanor,she seems very conscious,we can know that she is a healthy person.